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Agatsu Masa Gatsu Software
Pocket Zendo can lead you in a breath-counting meditation session.
Installing and setup
Before running Pocket Zendo, you must use the Palm(tm) installer to install the following files on your Palm OS (tm) device.


Please note:  If you are running another Agatsu Masa Gatsu Software application, you may not need to install WABA.PRC and WABA.PDB.

After installing the files, and before beginning a session, you will need to make certain your Palm device's "System Sound" are turned on.  To do this, open the Prefs application that came with your Palm OS device.

In the "General" section, make certain that "System Sound" (see circled item in figure below) is set to anything but "off".  Close the Prefs application.

Bitmap Image

Entering Session Information/Running a Session
Bitmap Image
Enter the number of minutes you would like your session to last.  

Then enter the number of seconds you would like each breath component to last.  There are two breath components in each breath--Inhale and Exhale.  If you enter 10, then each Inhale and each Exhale will last 10 seconds.  This will make each full breath last 20 seconds.

The chart below can help you figure out what value to enter for "How long per breath (in seconds)".

If you want:
This many breaths/minute
Enter this many seconds

Once you have selected your session values, click the "Start" button and your session begins.  At the first beep, begin inhaling.  At the next beep, exhale.  At the next beep, inhale.  And so on.   During the final cycle, a tone will sound once every second.  Depending upon which component you are in, keep exhaling or inhaling through all these tones.  At the end of the last component you will hear four consecutive tones.  This signals the end of a session.

As an example if you enter a session length of 1 minute and 15 seconds for breath length your session will go something like the following.  The first tone will sound and you will begin inhaling for 15 seconds.  At the second tone begin exhaling for 15 seconds.  At the third tone, begin inhaling for 15 seconds.  At the fourth tone begin exhaling.  Keep exhaling through the next fourteen tones (once per second) until you hear four quick tones.  Congratulations you have just had your first session.

If at any time you would like to force the session to end, simply click the "Press to Cancel" button that appears as the session starts.

If you would like more information regarding meditation, I have found a few books that you might find useful.  "How to Meditate" by Lawrence LeShan, "Aikido: The Way of Harmony" by John Stevens under the direction of Shirata Rinjiro, and "Learn to Relax" by Mike George.  All three can be purchased from the General Store.